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1. READ ALL DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASKING. I will not answer the questions with answers mentioned below.
2. All fixes I made and use by myself, they are fine for me, may not be fine for you and that's NOT MY PROBLEM.
3. Plugins list I made as AMATEUR for us, AMATEURS, in servers development you as a pro can do much better, of course.


In archive you will find configs for Stripper:Source with approximately 200 fixes of bugs/glitches for COOP maps.
99% of them are places, where player gets out of NavMesh or shortcut game events, they are
blocked with invisible wall(env_playerblocker) or death triggers. Other 1% are subjective and will be listed here:
  1. No Mercy map 4,5: All zombies that fall down from upper floor will be teleported back and attack again.
  2. Crash Course map 2: Shortcut near alarm car closed like in L4D2.
  3. Death Toll map 5: Added sniper spawn for retaining the concept of final.
  4. Dead Air map 3: Fixed molotov throwing bug.
  5. Dead Air map 5: Airplane propeller damages and kill.
  6. Blood Harvest map 5: Added minigun for retaining the concept of final.
  7. The Sacrifice map 3: After bridge start rising, players cant leave before it will stop.
  8. Minigun spawns are randomized with mounted gun.
Any fix is signed and has a screenshot or link on YouTube to make your edtiting and understanding easier.
Also it contains plugin that makes block visible if it is aimed with sm_show command, might be usefull.


Here will be listed plugins, supposed to fix some game issues wich I personaly check and use:

I'm interested only in a few cases to develop in the future, so all others requests will be ignored, sorry.
The cases are:
1. Add fixes to vs maps. Let me know if it is necessary, it will hurry me up.
2. Change some fixes with NavMesh editing, may be add some new ways for ai.
3. Fix bugs that I don't know. If you will shortly describe and attach the screenshot I will be grateful.


Honor and glory for contribution for authors mentioned above and all Alliedmods community, you are doing a great job.
Special thanks to my friend Ĵōḩń˳Ėŗŕōŗツ, for helping with screenshots and code cleaning.

DOWNLOADLINK, plugin duplicated just for the record.

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