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Last updated on 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago
Conditions for admission to the Team

• You must be at least 15 years old
• You must have at least 24 hours uploaded to the server where you are applying for rights.
• Of course, you must also have some activity on the web to see that you exist at all.
• Do not engage in other positions on competing or other portals.
• There should be no serious ban in your banlist, such as cheating, advertising or swearing at the family.
• You are obliged to own the original game Counter Strike 1.6 on a steam client.
• You must have a working microphone. (so that you can understand).

Sample request

1) Your name in the game:
2) Your age:
3) SteamID + HLSTATS:
4) The server to which you are applying for admin rights:
5) If you have been banned in any way, write in detail:
6) Why are you interested in joining the team ?:
7) What is your experience with the game mode ?:
8) How often do you go to the server ?:
9) What is your sinful reporting status? (Steam reports do not apply, all your reports should be posted on the forum):
10) Say something about yourself (The more, the better):
11) Have you ever been somewhere admin? What is your experience with administration ?:
12) At this point you can write anything that you did not have the opportunity to write in the previous points (Optional):

Information for future applicants

• Do not write to admins when they comment on your application, your application can be open for a maximum of 5 days!
• As an applicant, you should not do anything that may reduce your chances!
• If you have received a BAN or other punishment, you are obliged to admit it in the application!
• Avoid spam, vulgarity in the application. The application must be legible and clear! ( We also recommend editing the application, use colors, text size, etc. )
• If rejected, you have the right to a new application 1 month after your last closed application.
• If you are accepted, the recruiter may grant you a probationary period.
• Exceptions may be made by the Owner and Management.
If you do not meet what would be just 1 of the conditions, asking is unnecessary.
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