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CSGO Stats
SteamIDNameRankLast Connect
STEAM_1:1:508072682J4R0 Gold Nova Master14.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:13678703Pavel Bure Gold Nova Master14.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:56457244A6cent Gold Nova Master15.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:576836209YAKALB Gold Nova Master15.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:569436012COGUTEK (cz) Gold Nova Master16.06.2021
STEAM_1:1:149316692TRYwes Gold Nova Master16.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:120520243✞ as1mbo ✞ Gold Nova Master17.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:555192223gbj2010 Gold Nova III17.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:167983919Ak47-Safari Mesh Gold Nova Master17.06.2021
STEAM_1:1:511153872frankYY KEYDROP Gold Nova Master18.06.2021
STEAM_1:1:437363745Master Chicken Gold Nova Master18.06.2021
STEAM_1:1:245925858⁧⁧ y w o Gold Nova Master18.06.2021
STEAM_1:1:84667623☣ Flσyd Dυx ☣ Gold Nova Master18.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:451941435PipaMega Gold Nova Master18.06.2021
STEAM_1:0:435619072Luuuuuca Gold Nova Master18.06.2021